13 Reasons Your Company Should Have a Blog

A company blog is one of the most compelling and cost-effective ways to reach your audience. Here are 13 reasons to start a company blog or make the blog you currently have a priority.

1. Visitors to your site expect you to have a blog.

2. A blog will increase visitor traffic to your site.

3. Blogs demonstrate thought leadership and authority in your industry.

4. A blog can help you establish trust with your customers.

5. Blogs help generate leads.

6. Blogs can increase conversions.

7. A blog will help you keep current customers engaged with your brand.

8. Blogs improve your SEO.

9. Blogs help boost your social media presence.

10. A blog will generate more inbound links to your site.

11. A blog can increase sales.

12. A blog gives your company a voice.

13. A blog has good return on investment.

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