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we live in the very competitive industry and the markets becoming more and more competitive customer orientation is the key for success if the customer has a choice between company A and B he will be more attracted by company which fulfill his needs best therefore companies have to look at customer needs in a competitive environment and they have to satisfy customers by fulfilling this needs with the offers.

In today any business and practice marketing management is often misunderstood, people say marketing is advertising or marketing is sales, but for us marketing goes beyond for us it is the customer oriented philosophy of the whole company, its means that
marketing focuses on satisfying customer needs in a competitive environment, in a more formal way marketing is an organizational function and set of processes creating communicating and delivering value to the customer.

We will develop marketing strategies long-term plans for the achievement of the marketing goals with the weekly end monthly reports, We know there are a lot of strategies a lot of recommendations to develop marketing strategy  there is no right and no wrong but but  good marketing strategies can increase successful marketing concept.

All marketing goals have to, be defined precisely 1.. the content increase awareness by 10%   2.. the timing so increase awareness by 10% in the next 12 months 3.. segment that means increase awareness by 10% in the next 12 months in Budapest or in segment a or b or c.

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