So What Does a Marketing Consultant Do?

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The purpose of a marketing Consultant  is to optimize the potential of your company. A marketing Consultant creates and implements a marketing strategy, conducts extensive market research to increase the sales and profits of a company, seeks to build relationships with your target audience, and increases overall exposure by extending reach to potential customers who are likely to be interested in the product or service being offered.

Marketing Consultant use strategy and design to simplify and solve communication issues. Their primary focus is to help your business from the inside out to inspire your audience. A good firm helps their client see their business in a new light, and helps their client be proud of their organization, spark new ideas within them, and communicate a unified message about who and what they are.

The Different Types of Marketing Agencies:

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There are many different types of marketing agencies out there, and there are cases where companies choose to hire more than one. While this is occasionally necessary, it is far more beneficial to hire one Consultant that specializes in several types of marketing. Below are a few examples of different types of agencies:

Digital Marketing companies provide services that help you make use of the full potential of the Internet and social media in your marketing program. They can help you develop or improve your website or launch an e-commerce service. Such agencies can advise you on ways to use social media to communicate and interact with customers and prospects.

Telemarketing companies provide telephone-based marketing services by acting as a call center for your business. You can use their services to follow up on responses to an advertising or direct marketing campaigns. They call prospects and obtain more details of their requirements or attempt to take orders for your products.

Marketing Communications Consultancies plan and develop communications material, such as brochures, product guides, newsletters and customer magazines. They provide writing, design and production services, and they also can advise on the types of communications materials you need to support activities such as a new product launch.


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When you’ve found the Agency that you want to explore a partnership with, here are some questions to ask during the selection process:

  • Who will be managing my account and who will we be working with Compared to your other clients and their retainers and production needs                  how do we compare?

  • Are there specific planning or strategy exercises that we will be participating in to help bring your agency up to speed?

  • How is client collaboration and communication handled?


  • What key performance indicators do you as an agency focus on when it comes to client work?

  • What are your reporting practices? How often will we get reports? What will the received reports contain?


  • If you could map out the first 120 days of working with your agency what would that look like?

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Every company has unique business goals and challenges. As such, we are focused on providing clients with a tailored B2B strategic marketing plan that’s linked to their business strategy. I look at your entire business to develop a sustainable brand marketing strategy. I start by analyzing the current state of your brand then focus on pinning down an authentic purpose for you that can scale operationally, while resonating with buyers.

When creating a marketing strategy, I identify core messages that exploit your business strategy, differentiate you from all your competitors, and build an affinity with prospective buyers.

With a strategic approach that aligns sales and marketing, your marketing team can set the course for your long-term objectives while sales gets the ongoing short-term support they need.

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When your marketing efforts control the perception of your brand, you gain an edge over the competition that translates into greater sales. At Elevation Marketing, I help you to build a brand that is trusted and valued among your audience segments. I help develop unique brand differentiation that appeals to your target buyers. The results help you pre-sell your prospects to make your sales team more effective with less time and effort.

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A vital part of the marketing mix, more than 96% of B2B buyers want more content from industry thought leaders before purchasing – and the companies that profit from social media are twice as likely to have a formal strategy in place. Elevation Marketing uses effectie B2B social media strategies to ensure your message is heard by the right people, shared in the right places and the activities are driving your company’s business objectives in ways that can be measured, verified and justified. My

each social campaign is designed to help you connect with your audience in meaningful ways to build trust in your brand, reinforce your brand and position your business as a credible authority your industry. Leveraging creative, unique and informative content to develop a community of engaged followers on social media, Elevation increases brand awareness and instills brand preference in target buyers.


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    •    Works as an independent consultant or as part of a consultancy firm to provide marketing expertise to clients

    •    Researches industries, markets, demographics, trends, sales results, and other data related to the client's products or services

    •    Analyses details of competitor offerings, including specifications, market share, pricing, and promotional materials

    •    Creates detailed reports with research findings and analysis to inform marketing strategies

    •    Provides written documents and verbal presentations for each client to guide the creation of new marketing plans and strategies

    •    Recommends specific marketing approaches and spending budgets to achieve the client's desired sales goals

    •    Helps come up with new product and service offerings to increase shares in new or existing markets

    •    Assists marketing managers and directors in coming up with focused branding, positioning, and marketing tools for each product or service

    •    Works within the client's budget to produce effective promotional materials and advertising opportunities

    •    Tracks sales and feedback and adjusts marketing strategies as necessary

    •    Establishes marketing tracking methods to help each client evaluate performance over time

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